Ottawa, ON – After nine years of Justin Trudeau, Canadians have never been less safe from extortion. Since Trudeau became Prime Minister, extortion has risen by 218 percent, as our once safe towns and suburbs are terrorized by foreign gangs.

It wasn’t like this before Justin Trudeau. The rate of extortion is now five times higher than it was a decade ago. Ontario has seen a 263 percent rise in extortion cases, while Alberta and British Columbia have seen extortion rise by 284 percent and 386 percent, respectively.

Today, the Liberals and their junior coalition partners in the NDP, had the opportunity to vote for a Common Sense Conservative Bill that would have reversed Trudeau’s damage and reduced extortion throughout Canada. This Bill would have delivered tougher sentences for criminals while keeping extortionists out of our communities for longer.

But the Trudeau Liberals and the NDP refused. This will only make Canadians lose further faith in our justice system as Canada becomes a safe haven for organized crime and gangs.

Canadians shouldn’t have to live like this. A Common Sense Conservative Government will bring home safe streets for all Canadians.