Ottawa, ON – Canadians need a government that is focused on creating jobs and delivering powerful paycheques, for Canadians. But instead, Justin Trudeau has given nearly $50 billion in subsidies to companies which, rather than creating jobs for Canadians, are taking taxpayer money and using it to hire foreign replacement workers.

This was further confirmed on Tuesday when it was revealed that Canada’s Building Trades Union (CBTU) sent a letter to Justin Trudeau, saying that the that heavily subsidized battery plants in southwestern Ontario will rely on foreign replacement workers rather than employing Canadian union workers who are ready and able to do the jobs.

Canadians can’t trust that Trudeau’s announcement yesterday of a $5 billion subsidy for Honda will be any different. In fact, the CEO of Honda has already admitted to media that foreign workers will be given jobs as part of this taxpayer-funded project. This is just more proof of Trudeau’s failure to stand up for workers.

Months ago, when Common Sense Conservatives first raised the alarm that these jobs were being given to foreign replacement workers, Trudeau and his Liberal Ministers lied and attacked those who spoke out about it. And when Conservative Members tried to get access to the contracts through Parliamentary committees, Liberal and NDP Members filibustered to protect the government and prevent workers from hearing the truth.

Now, with this new information available, on Monday, April 29th, Conservatives will be bringing a new motion to the Government Operations Committee to force the Liberal Government to reveal the truth about Canadian taxpayer dollars being used to hire foreign replacement workers instead of Canadian workers.

Instead of covering for Justin Trudeau and his tired government like they did last time, the NDP must support this motion and not help Trudeau block the release of this critical information. The choice for the NDP is simple. They must either side with Conservatives, Canadian union workers and taxpayers, or help Justin Trudeau hide the truth from Canadians again.  

Canadians deserve a government that will stand up for Canadian workers. Only Common Sense Conservatives will ensure that any taxpayer-funded jobs are given to Canadians, not foreign replacement workers.